Making Tinder like credit animations with respond Native

Making Tinder like credit animations with respond Native

Tinder has actually seriously changed just how individuals think of internet dating owing to their initial swiping procedure. Tinder is among the first “swiping software” that seriously made use of a swiping motion for buying the most perfect complement. These days we’ll establish an equivalent remedy in React local.


The easiest way to duplicate this swiping procedure is by using react-native-deck-swiper . This is an incredible npm plan opens up most options. Let’s begin by setting up the required dependencies:

Even though the newest React indigenous variation (0.60.4, which we’re using within tutorial) released autolinking, two of those three dependencies still have to getting linked manually because, during the time of crafting, her maintainers bringn’t yet updated them to the newest type. So we must connect them the traditional means:

Additionally, respond Native adaptation 0.60.0 and above uses CocoaPods automatically for iOS, so one extra step is needed to have every thing set up correctly:

After installations is complete, we can today manage the app:

If you are having issues run app making use of CLI, decide to try beginning XCode and create the app through it. Continue reading “Making Tinder like credit animations with respond Native”