Teachers and writers would notice this, as well as logophiles

Teachers and writers would notice this, as well as logophiles

Some years ago, two US teachers discussed with me their views of how the English language is deteriorating in their countries, and that it worried them. The rest of the population doesn’t seem to care much, or not at all. It is rather like the demise of an ancient art, such as Japanese paper making. Only a handful of people still do it…

As a foreigner I remember the irregular verbs like this, because we HAD to learn them and were tested on our knowledge. Perhaps that is what teachers don’t do anymore…

For example, at my workplace we often use numbered lists within tables. I think the numbered list should always be left-justified, even if the contents of all the other cells in the table are center-justified. My co-worker will center the numbered list, so it is “consistent,” but I think it appears awkward.

Posts like these always seem to stir up trouble!

Maybe it’s just me, but I noticed you used “I myself” as a proper way of using the word “myself.” I’m not an English pro, but this seems like redundancy. Is it so or not? HELP!!

Regarding bulletted or numbered lists, should they ever be center-justified?

Paul, it’s used this way only for emphasis. Sometimes a sentence might have several connotations. Note the difference between “He did it” and “He did it himself.” The actual meaning (the denotation) is the same, but the emphasis adds a nuance to that meaning that isn’t easy to convey in any other way.

Thanks for this great post,we often overlook the simple details of basic vocabulary when blogging especially when in a hurry. Continue reading “Teachers and writers would notice this, as well as logophiles”