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Website builders are answers to all the prayers of non-techy people who want to create their own websites. It’s a way to create a web-page without sacrificing quality. The great thing about website builders is they make everything easy from the look, design, integrating third-party plugins and even incorporating them with social media platforms.

There are lots of website builders to choose from and it can be really confusing in finding the right one for you. Here are some insights to help you choose which website builder is suitable for you!

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Website Reviews

Wix Review

A robust platform that comes with tons of options, Wix is considered on of the most flexible website builders one can find on the internet. We do a test run of this drag-and-drop platform to see how it fares in terms of user experience, pricing, flexibility, pricing and support.

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Weebly Review

Site Editor: Weebly’s editor is quite fun to use! You get to experiment on how to create your website. They use the drag and drop feature to arrange the items you will place on your website. However, this can be a bit confusing especially to those who’s never created a website before. Ecommerce: It’s great that …

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Strikingly Review

Site Editor: Easy to use. Everything you need in editing your site is found on the left panel. From adding different sections, managing pages, changing styles and configuring the settings. Organized. User-friendly even for first-time users. Ecommerce: They have two options for your store. You can either choose from the product showcase or the online store itself. …

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